Kings of Chaos

A game can become a massive hit overnight regardless of what platform it is designed to be played on. Whether it is a console game, a mobile app, or a browser-based one, with good word-of-mouth and proper marketing, you can quickly reach your target market and demographic. Many games have become popular, but only some achieve impressive longevity. For a game like Kings of Chaos, however, it managed to accomplish both. The game managed to get a decent level of popularity upon its launch and built a strong community, allowing the game to last for more than two decades.


Kings of Chaos comes with a fascinating back story. With more than 200,000 active players at its peak, who would have thought this game was developed by a group of high school students who simply intended to learn new programming languages? Four bright students created this browser-based MMORPG in 2004 for their web-based project. Hundreds of people began to sign up for the game and surprisingly grew exponentially within a few days after it was publicly released. This made Kings of Chaos one of the most successful MMORPGs in the early 2000s. The popularity of the game, however, eventually declined, but it received a cult following and built a solid and faithful community that keeps the game running up to this day.



Although the gameplay for Kings of Chaos has changed over the years, the game remained faithful to its theme. The game’s mechanics are simple, and unlike other RPGs, Kings of Chaos does not focus on a heavy fantasy plot. Your main objective is to become the most effective and the most efficient war commander of your chosen race. To do so, you must train your soldiers, equip them with the most powerful weapons, and recruit more troops to maximise your chances of winning every battle.

To get started, you have to visit the official webpage at From here, you will be asked to select your desired race. Currently, the game has seven races to offer. You can become part of the human race, dwarves, elves, orcs, undead, hobbits, and goblins. Interestingly, each race has a distinct effect that players can take advantage of. Humans, for instance, provide an increased Income bonus, while dwarves will give a notable boost in defence. After selecting a race, the game prompts you immediately to your Command Center. Here, you can see a broad outline of your forces, including your army’s current size and state.

Although the game is considered a MMORPG, Kings of Chaos is a pure text-based adventure, allowing players to explore the best of their imagination. If you think your army is well-prepared for the battle, you can enter the battlefield by clicking the “Attack” button from the side panel. Upon entering the battlefield page, the system will list all the players with the same rank. Click the player’s name to access their User Stats Panel. From here, you can Attack, Raid, Sabotage, or recon. The result of the combat will depend on how well-prepared and equipped your soldiers are. Note that each attack will cost 120 turns, so choose wisely. It is also important to mention that new players will be under protection mode for a limited time. During this period, players cannot be attacked, sabotaged, or raided by other players. This will give new players an excellent kickstart to familiarise everything.

Building A Strong Army Is The Key

Paying attention to your soldiers is essential to maximise your chances of winning in this game. Quality and quantity are both important in this strategic battle. With every successful attack or raid on another player, you will earn gold and experiences and take hostages. These hostages, on the other hand, can be healed and will become part of your army as “untrained soldiers”. Soldiers must be trained to make your army more efficient and effective in battles. To do so, you must visit the Training Page. From here, you can train soldiers in different areas of expertise.

Some soldiers can be trained to become specialists in attack or defence, while others can be trained to become spies or sentries. Training and upgrading your army will have a lasting effect on your overall Military effectiveness. You can also increase your army count by hiring additional mercenaries. Unlike ordinary soldiers, however, mercenaries can provide additional strike and defence power but cannot acquire additional gold in victory. To make your army even more effective, you can also equip them with weapons. To do so, visit the Armory page and purchase weapons and armour to increase your attack and defence, respectively. Weapons will vary in terms of their strength and prices. A Thunderclap, for instance, comes with great attack power, but each unit is worth 2 million gold. You can also repair weapons to increase their durability.

Conquest, Alliances, and Trading System

Kings of Chaos is not just about fighting against other players. You can also deploy your soldiers into an epic conquest. Generally, Conquests are the quickest way to gain Experience. You can battle against Wolves, Goblins, Giants, Wizards, and Fairies. Each specie will vary in strength, siege requirements, and the reward you can earn in return. The experiences you made from successful conquests can be traded for other things. By visiting the Trade page, you can exchange your experience points to gain additional turns. You can also trade experiences to earn additional soldiers. You can also use the points to give you the ability to change your race or your commander.

Unlike other MMORPGs, the combat system for Kings of Chaos is not done in real-time. It means that players are not fully aware if they are being attacked or raided by another player. This is why you also have to pay attention to strengthening your fortification. You can upgrade your defences to minimise damages and losses. You can also use the “Safe” system to bank a certain amount of currency and experiences to prevent them from being stolen.

The multiplayer element for Kings of Chaos can be seen through its score chart, where players compete by attempting to outrank other players on the board. It also features a cooperative system via the Alliance. Here, you can create your own alliance or join an existing one. When creating an alliance, the system will provide you with a unique link that you can share and distribute. The greater your number of allies, the better the perks you can get in return.

Pros and Cons


Kings of Chaos is a decent text-based game. It is simple yet surprisingly fun and addictive. It is not surprising that the game has lasted for more than 20 years. Thanks to its faithful community, the game managed to withstand many challenges, especially now that mobile MMORPGs dominate the market. This game’s chapter system gives Kings of Chaos decent replay value and longevity. It could have been more engaging if they had incorporated a compelling plot for players. Other than that, this text-based game is 100% worth exploring. Have fun!

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